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You can access a list of apps associated with your account from the menu (top left) or scroll through your apps using the arrows either side of the app title.

To change accounts select 'Logout' at the bottom of the menu.

Contact Harvest to customise existing or add additional apps.

Full Graphs

Tapping on the app name will open a new window and take you to the full Harvest site.

Tapping on any individual piece of data will take you to that particular graph.

Auto Refresh

Auto refresh means the data you are seeing in the app stays up to date with the latest data reported by the Harvest system.

You will see the icon appear in the top right of the title bar when the data is being refreshed.

Any configuration changes made by Harvest are automatically reflected in your app.

Note: To reduce data usage the Camera Widget will not auto refresh. See the Manual Refresh section for more.

Manual Refresh

Some widgets give you the ability to manually check for updates (e.g. Relay Control and Camera Widgets).

To trigger a manual refresh tap on the icon in the widget title bar.

Alarm Status

The Alarm Status widget gives you an overview of your alarm states.

Ready - Indicates the alarm is in the reset state and ready to trigger.

Triggered - Indicates the alarm has triggered.

Inactive - Indicates the alarm is inactive and will not trigger.

You can check or alter your alarm levels and roster by tapping on the alarm name. This will take you to the alarm setting page on the main website.